The Art and Craft of Raising a Large Family

Hi I’m Jan, Mom of 11! I’ve spent the last 38 years giving my best efforts to mastering the craft of raising a large family. I am approximately 8 months away from an empty nest, with my youngest son being a Senior in High School. A Family is like a piece of artwork. A Masterpiece doesn't happen overnight, it takes a lot of hard work.  Your Mothering journey will take time, effort, intention, prayer, sleepless nights, self sacrifice, and a lot of Grace.  I know some days you feel overwhelmed and alone. So did I! But you can do this! As a Mom who now has adult children, spouses who have joined our family, and 9 grandchildren, I promise the effort is totally worth it! Let’s do this journey called Mothering together! I’m so blessed that you’ve stopped by!




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