The Resurrection Changes Everything

    I know the day to day responsibilities of raising a family, pushes us to our limits.  Motherhood is a life of sacrifice for the good of others.  The many demands of raising children takes every bit of our creative energies. Our Easter traditions were very special to us.  I always looked forward to coloring eggs with our children, even though it was always messy.  Someone invariably ended up soaking their little fist in the colored water to see the lovely shade of robin egg blue it would turn.  The older kids used crayons to make crosses, designs, or write He Is Risen on an egg.  Despite the mess, the lovely basket of colored eggs afterwards was so beautiful.  I remember one year I sprouted wheat berries and grew some awesome wheat grass in a bowl and it looked so pretty when we put our colored eggs in the bright green wheatgrass!  Crunchy mama’s are always thinking up some idea to incorporate healthy living!  One year we found all natural ingredients to dye our eggs.  Onion skins for yellow, beets for purple, spinach for green.  Motherhood was never boring to me.  I was always thinking up new things to make great memories for my kids.  I always had a small basket of plastic eggs on the table, each with an item to tell the story of Jesus.  One had a nail, one a thorn, one a piece of wood for the cross, one had a piece of cloth, and one had a rock to represent the rock at the tomb.  These small visual aids helped teach the little ones the story of Jesus.  Deuteronomy 11:19 tells us “You shall teach them (God’s words and ways) to your children, speak of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk along the way, and when you lie down and when you rise up.”  In other words, as we do life with our children, we are constantly to be teaching them about God, who He is and what He has done for us.  I love this because this fits in beautifully with being a mom.  Who better to be the one to impart God’s truth to our children than Mother and Father.

Hannah was born 3 days before Easter, Hannah and I stayed home while Todd took the 3 boys to church Easter Morning!

Hannah was born 3 days before Easter, Hannah and I stayed home while Todd took the 3 boys to church Easter Morning!

After all, the resurrection changes everything.  The reason you and I can have daily joy, daily peace, and daily purpose is because of what Jesus did for us in rising from the dead.  As we celebrate this Easter Sunday, we remember with hope the empty grave.  There is no body, He is risen!  We too, if we name Christ as our Savior, will rise one day.  We have been adopted as His child, and with that comes the hope of heaven.  Yes, this world may give us sorrows and difficulties, but heaven is ahead.  The empty grave gives us hope that one day God will make all things right.  For the believer in Christ, heaven is our home.  Jesus said He is preparing a place for us and we will join Him one day in His kingdom.

Dear Sisters, this hope makes it possible to mother our dear little ones with joy, and enthusiasm, and passion to be all that we can be for Christ.  When we think of the sacrifice of Christ for us, no sacrifice is too great for our families.  My friend Linda used to say, I haven’t had to hang on a cross for 3 hours, surely I can do what He has called me to do.  To this I say Amen, lets serve our risen Savior with joy, and hope, and gratitude in our hearts this Easter season.  He is Risen Indeed!