Lets Learn about Frankincense

When I began using Essential Oils anyone I ran into who had been using EO’s for awhile, were obsessed with Frankincense. Being new to this, I knew the 3 Wise Men brought Jesus Frankincense, and the priest would burn it at times growing up in the Catholic Church, but that was the extent of my knowledge and exposure. Then through research and personal experiences of myself and others, I too have jumped on the “ I Love Frank “ train!

Frank (as its referred to in EO circles, lol) comes from Boswellia trees grown in many areas in the Middle East. Young Living has farms in Omam (Sacred Frankincense) and Dubai (Frankincense) where our oils are collected and distilled. To harvest, the tree is scraped and the sap runs down the tree. Once it hardens, its collected and distilled.

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Some common uses of Frankincense are:

1.Aromatic— for meditation and grounding. I put Frankincense in my diffuser during morning devotions and often I put it in my husbands diffuser in his office when he is studying for his sermon.

2.Emotional Support- If you need emotional support, this oil is a go-to. Historically it has been used to relieve stress and anxiety. When I realized its an ingredient in my Valor blend that I put on daily for emotional support, I became a believer in all things Frankincense. My friend Beth swears that it helped her get through her PTSD

3.Immune Support-it has immune enhancing abilities, has anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial qualities. Some feel it may help with memory and balancing of hormones.

4. Skin- Frank is used in many natural skin care products. When you think skin, think Frankincense!

A nice facial serum you can make is 2 drops Frankincense and 2 drops Lavender and an ounce of carrier oil!

Give this oil a try and I think you’ll soon have it on your list of fav’s!!

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