Naturopathic View of Health

When I speak of how our family handled all things health and wellness over the last 40 years, I know I run the risk of offending some people.  This is not meant to do that.  This is OUR story, it isn’t anyone else’s, this is how my husband and I raised our children.  There are many decisions that you as parents need to make regarding your own children’s health care.  If you think you make none, you are mistaken because the first time your child gets a cold or fever you WILL make some type of decision as to how you will deal with it.  Our journey into natural health came by accident, sort of, actually it was the most amazing God-thing ever and I thank God constantly that He showed me a different way to think about health.  I was part of a food coop in 1984, Yep I was a Crunchy Mom before it was a thang!  The gal running it and I became fast friends.  Linda was a kindred heart, loving all things natural, and she was raising 10 kids.  I was sharing with her about homeschooling, her children at the time were in Parochial school and she wasn’t happy with some things.  She became interested in Homeschooling, and I was able to guide her in how to homeschool, and she pulled all her kids out of school and never looked back.  Our families blended great and are still close friends to this day! 

My second son who was 2, was having ear infections often.  He actually was getting fluid in his ear and experiencing hearing loss in the winter months.  I dutifully took him to ENT specialists who put him on antihistamines which promptly turned him into the energizer bunny on steroids!  He couldn’t sleep, his pupils were dilated and wild looking, I immediately called the Dr. who told me to take him off the medication.  He also was part of a study at Children’s Hospital in Pgh trying to figure out if antibiotics actually help ear infections.  He was on many rounds of antibiotics, and the infection would return a couple months later, he up screaming all night, me trying to massage the ear, use garlic oil, no avail.  It was horrible.  Well my dear friend Linda asked me if I ever thought of trying a chiropractic adjustment for my son.   What???? Are you for real?  I thought Chiropractors are for when you get a whiplash in an accident.  That was the scope of my knowledge. Her husband is a chiropractor and she proceeded to tell me that he helps many children with ear infections, allergies, and many other things.  This was all new to me, but my interest was piqued. I absorbed everything she was saying and for the first time I had a bit of hope that maybe we could find something to cure my son’s ear infections and hearing loss.  I was desperate and willing to try anything. 

I went home and asked Todd if the next time Caleb had an ear infection, could we take him to the chiropractor and see if it helps.  He was skeptical at best but agreed to try it.  Well sure enough within a week, he was banging on his ears in pain, I took him to Dr John, and he said in fact his neck  was out, he adjusted him, we walked out of there with no prescriptions, I took him home and he slept all through the night!!!  Shock and Awe is how I’d describe my response.  Over the next few months I took him to be adjusted maybe 2 more times and the ear issues totally disappeared!!  From my perspective, this was miraculous, and I was sold on Chiropractic.  Sooo, as different things came up in our family’s health, I decided to treat them at the chiropractor rather than go to a medical Dr.  This was our introduction into chiropractic care.  I know some people may not believe in this. The purpose of this article once again isn’t to convince anyone of anything. I am simply sharing our family’s story.  Dr John was the first person to say to me, ” Fever is your friend.”  Say what ???  He went on to explain to me that fever is the body’s way of fighting disease and healing itself.  He shared with me that the body is designed by God to heal itself, and that if we strengthen the host (the person) then the body will fight to heal.  This was all new to me I’ll admit, but in my heart it made perfect sense, and it began my 40 year journey to understand the body, healing through natural means, and what it means to strengthen the immune system so the body can fight off diseases, etc. 

Dr John taught me about juicing and how carrot juice is an amazing food for pregnant moms, (I was pregnant again at the time). He taught me about massage and how to massage the kids when they got sick.  I had a couple kids who had a respiratory weakness, and when they got a cold it settled in their chest.  He taught me how important massage is to the healing process.  We learned about applied kinesiology, homeopathic remedies, supplements, nutrition, and through this, I found a way of life that I was passionate about.  I became an avid student and wanted to learn how to support my family’s health in as natural means as possible. I cannot tell you what a blessing this has been to our family.  Most of my children have never been to a medical Doctor.  Not because I’m against Doctors, but because we’ve rarely need one.  Research has shown that overuse of antibiotics has created Superbugs that are resistant to the drugs. Because my kids haven’t been bombarded with overuse of them, if they ever need an antibiotic, it will be effective. Most of my children have never been on an antibiotic.  We have been able to treat sicknesses and diseases with natural means.

The miracle of the immune system blows my mind as I’ve seen how God makes our bodies to heal.   I learned to treat the discomfort, not the disease.  What that means is if the kids carry a low-grade fever and are playing and happy, I don’t give them medication.  If they are miserable, I will give them some Tylenol. I’m not a person who will let my child suffer, of course, the use of pain medication has its place.  In fact true confession I HATE headache pain. Give me labor pains anyday over headache pain. 

 I also want to say that I have found that nutrition and health go hand in hand.  Have you ever wondered why kids get sick at Halloween,Christmas, and Easter?  Right after their bodies have gotten tons of extra sugar, runny noses, coughs, etc. come right at its heels.  Sugar immediately lowers their immune system.  So, what I’m saying is ,that if you are not committed to feeding your children healthy food, and you prefer the typical American diet of processed food, fast food, nuggets and fries, pop, etc, then you probably will not see great results with your children’s health.  It takes work to raise healthy children, I committed my life to it.  We juiced a lot and still do.  I took everyone off dairy years ago as several of the kids were lactose intolerant.  We used rice milk, soy milk, and almond milk, the runny noses cleared up almost immediately.  

I found glycerin tinc-tracts from Nutritional Resources about 15 years ago.  Readily available and good tasting for kids.  The Children’s Composition is super packed with awesome things, including elderberry for immune support, yarrow for fevers, peppermint for stimulating immune system, plus chamomile and lemon balm.  Also, about 2 years ago I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils.  All I can say is that I wish I knew about these when I was raising my little ones.  These are concentrated botanicals in its pure form, very potent, and we’ve seen amazing results with them.  Readily available, they are an awesome part of any mama’s health and wellness arsenal.  More info on that in the Essential Oils tab.

This is our story of how we entered into the world of naturopathic health care.  I thank God for how He has led me on this journey.  Now 11 children and households have a legacy of health and wellness that will benefit my grandchildren as well!  Mama’s, what you do affects future generations!! It is a joy to share it with you.  If you have additional questions, email me,  or if you’d like to share about your wellness regimen please do!  Life Long Learner right here so I love hearing about new things that support health!!!  We are fearfully and wonderfully made and I’ll be the first to admit there is a ton we don’t yet know!  God bless you in your health journey!