What's in a name?

I first heard about Magnum Opus while reading Charlotte’s Web to my children.  When Wilbur asked about her egg sac, Charlotte said, “This is my Magnum Opus, my great work!”  I consider mothering to be my Magnum Opus, my great work!  A great work, or masterpiece if you will, takes time!  People say Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was his Magnum Opus.   You don’t slap together a masterpiece and expect that it has lasting value.  Motherhood is the same way.  I believe we need to recapture the art and craft of mothering. This takes TIME.  From the moment the pink line came up on the pregnancy test with my first child, I have committed my energy, mind, body, heart and soul into being the best mother I could be.  I often tell people who ask me about having so many children.  I say “Everyone has to spend their lives doing something. I spent my life raising a large family! It has been a joy and privilege to be the mom of 11 children.  You too, dear one, can raise your family with joy and purpose, with passion and a determination to be the best Mom you can be.  After almost 39 years of Mothering, I am here to tell you it is totally worth it!  Committing your best efforts to raising your children will have big returns as they enter adulthood.  Through much prayer, trial, and error, yes, much error, God has given me the grace to raise a tribe and along the way He has taught me some things.  This blog is what I’ve learned.  Thanks for joining me.