Satan Works Overtime Saturday Night

As a Pastor’s family, there are definite times when we sense attacks from Satan.  One of those in particular tends to come on Saturday nights.  You may laugh, but seriously, it seems that it’s Saturday nights that kids get sick.  Or Saturday nights often find the baby up crying from teething, or someone gets an earache.  Or someone has nightmares and has to be in our bed. 

Honestly, at times we almost had to laugh at Satan’s antics.  When Satan knows that the gospel is going to be preached on a Sunday morning, he is not going to take it lying down. He tries everything to discourage families from getting to church. 

As we’ve pushed God out of our culture more and more, many people are growing up with no knowledge of God in their lives. If Satan can render us ineffective for the kingdom, then he has neutralized us as a threat. The devil is not happy when the Word of God is preached.  He doesn’t want us to be radical lovers of Christ, He doesn’t want changed lives, healed marriages, restored friendships, loving parishioners, or caring Christians who help the poor. When God’s people care for the needy, visit prisoners, work in soup kitchens in Jesus’ name, or do a million other charitable works that Christ followers do, the devil is not happy. Lest you think the devil doesn’t try to defeat Christians, I recommend reading The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis

He will try every tactic to make sure people continue in ungodliness, hatred, malice, slander, bullying, gossip, adultery, and brokenness.  One way he believes is effective is to attack Pastors and their families.  If he can get Todd and I snipping at each other, or me barking at kids because nobody can find their shoes, gloves, etc., then that degrades the gospel.  It detracts from the power of the message. So rather than give Satan the opportunity, we try very hard to keep things simple on Sundays.  My motto is “Get to the Pew”. 

I like to tell women that they have one job Sunday morning. Just get you and your family to the Pew! Simple, right? Not always! And for my family, sometimes we show up looking more like the Walking Dead than the perfectly coiffed family I envision! One Sunday in particular, I looked down the pew and one of the boys had sleep pants on, and slippers!  Thank goodness God sees our hearts! 

Dear ones, if you are part of a Biblical church, in the pew is where you and your family will come face to face with the living God. Through preaching and worship, you will get truth, and direction, and hope, and meet Jesus in a special way that is different from us reading our Bible at home. While that is a good thing to do, (I read my bible every day), it should not take the place of corporate worship. Christ died for the Church. (I’m happy to suggest some reading on this , message me if interested)

Dear Sisters, the devil does NOT want you to have a strong marriage.  The devil does NOT want your family to be a light in this dark world.  The devil does NOT want you to grow in your faith.  If he can keep you from hearing the Word of God, then you will stay a baby Christian and be very ineffective for the gospel in this world. 

So, as you recognize his tactics, go to battle against the wiles of the devil. 1 Peter 5:8 tells us, “Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”  His schemes are real my friends. Don’t give him one millimeter of space.  Seek, knock, and ask for God’s help in this, and you shall receive.  Keep growing in your faith and be the woman God wants you to be.  This world so desperately needs strong, loving, joyful, Christians with a message of HOPE to a hopeless world. 

Be vigilant, be strong, stay in the Word, be in a biblical church, and Get To The Pew!!!