How did you ever do it?

I am asked often, How did you ever do it?  Many of my younger mom friends who perhaps have 3-4 children say they think about me raising 11 and wonder How In the World Did She Do It?

This my friends, will seek to answer that question.  It is not a simple or exhaustive answer, but I decided that because I happen to be on the other side of mothering a large family, ( my youngest of 11 is a Senior in High School), that I’ll just open up the door of my life and heart and share with you a few things I learned along the way.  To find out a bit about me and why I would be someone who could even speak to this topic, check out the About section.

So to answer the Question, How did you ever do it?  Simply put, I didn’t do it.  I am not some super- human woman, Type A personality who is organized, driven, efficient, running a perfectly tight ship of all the children, schooling, chores, housework, and activities.  I laugh about this often because when God picked me to be the mom of a tribe, He had a sense of humor because He picked the least likely candidate.  I am not Type A, I am an organizational wanna be, I’m slightly driven on a good day, it takes me a day to do what an efficient person could do in 2 hours, but mostly I had a heart and a passion to raise children to the glory of God.  Period.  That was my “qualification”.  So if you too have that passion, then you are very qualified to raise a tribe of your own, if that includes 1 child or 4 or 11, that’s YOUR God given tribe.  But we did however have some systems in place that helped tremendously, also I was blessed to marry an organized person, lol.  So because of the sheer volume of people, food consumed, workload, laundry, schoolwork, chores, etc, our systems did make us like a well oiled machine in spite of my being pregnant or nursing a baby for 19.25 years of my 39 years of married life! 

This page is my humble attempt to pass along some nuggets that may help another Mama along the way.  The task of Mothering is huge and noble and exhausting and wonderful and joyful and heartbreaking and like nothing you will ever do in your life.   It is not for the faint of heart, yet along the way you will be strengthened by the One who promises to strengthen the fainthearted (Gal 6:9)  So when you feel weak, you feel that your efforts are in vain, you feel that you are failing daily, so did I, but the One who promises to strengthen the weak knees, and bear fruit from your labors in due season, and promises to pick you up when you fall down, that is your Heavenly Father, who has immense Love for you and can give you the daily help you need in your Mothering journey. To Him be glory.  I hope you find some encouragement here dear sister.